Sguardi mai scambiati

"Sguardi mai scambiati / Inoiz gurutzatutako begiradak".
Sebas Velasco-rekin egindako proiektua Outdoor Festival Rome ekitaldirako.
Ateko irudiaren zeharka barnekoa ikus daiteke, baina inoiz ezin dituzte begiradak gurutzatu.
Roma, 2016.

" Sguardi mai scambiati / Never exchanged glances ". 

Project made with my friend Sebas Velasco for Outdoor Festival Rome ( curated by Festival Asalto). It was very interesting to make 

a site specific project in a different kind of a space, combining ideas and execution with Sebas.
We knew it was not possible for the audience to enter the space, so we decided to use also the main gate, painting it and restricting 

the point of view to a little spyhole. Looking through it, the observer was able to see the rest of the installation and complete the title of the piece.

Roma, 2016.


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